Thursday, April 23, 2009


Untuk mempunyai sebuah band,bukan sesuatu yg senang macam korang pikir. kesemua memerlukan persefahaman,kongsi bantal,kongsi suar dalam, dan kogsi ape saje dalam satu band. ini adelah antara band yg aku amat sayangi. bukan aku nak tampal muke kat sini. saje nak review kat korang. sebab aku tau,korang bukan nak amek tau pon band2 scene punk! so bace je la ape yg kau sebuk2 sangat! haha..

ABYSMAL FORNIKATE was established since 2008. We're highly influenced with down tempo/downtuned/post-rock/modern crust/hardcore/punk.. But we never claimed what type we've played. We would like to express and share our ideas,feelings,anger,depression through this kind of medium so-called music.. Most of our songs are based on an experienced and incidents surrounding us. Again we want to say that we are againsts racism,sexism,homophobic, and other oppressive condition in any form..
Currently, we are in the midst composing another two new songs, which will be recorded with other four songs include the two in our demo.
For communicate,friendship,insulting contact us at :

our limited demo.50 copies only

For demo only Rm4 intrested plz email us at

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