Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, you read it right. We're the first to confirm that Paramore is going to play a concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October! Most of you Junkies would know that we've been crushing on Paramore for a long time now and we know you guys have been there with us too. Are you excited as we are???

The deets:

Venue: National Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Date: 19 October, 8pm
Tickets: RM358 (Rock Zone Free Standing), RM268, RM268, RM98 (free seating).
**10% off for early bird ticket purchases between Sept 1 - Sept 15**
Tickets go on-sale on 1 Sept 2010 online at,, and via Rock Corner and TicketPro outlets.

KipasLipas : Sumpah aku tak tau macamana lagu paramore. pernah dengar dlu,tapi tak tau yg mane satu lagunye. Akan tetapi gua dikelilingi rakan2 yang mmg kipas susah mati Paramore.Lu jangan risau,ade duit gua on. tapi macam susah je nak tekan suis on!? Jangan sampai "jual buah pinggang" semata2 nak pegi paramore ok bu! HAHAHAHAH.


Nina Gipsy said...

besday aku 3oct..nak tiket paramore!!!

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